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How to Use Dummy Content in WordPress

Luckily, someone already developed such a method and it’s free to use. With a couple clicks of the mouse, you can show a WordPress theme with sample data ready.

Working on a new theme for WordPress? Need to create an example site for a client? Whatever the reason, using dummy content can help display what a site might actually look like once it goes live. Instead of creating your own posts and pages, it’s easier to simply use some form of WordPress dummy content generator.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you the easiest and quickest way to display WordPress example content in your theme.

What Does the Dummy Content Include?

The dummy content file you’ll create in a moment is full of the most common elements you’d see in WordPress. Categories, menu items, pages, various images and more are included to give you an idea of what your site may look like.

You’re able to edit this information once it’s on your site if you want to add a bit of customization to the layout. However, it works fine on its own for example purposes.

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